We Are – Christopher Brookmyre

ChristopherBrookmyre1Todays images come from the “We Are” series and features Novelist Christopher Brookmyre.

I’ve been a huge fan of Chris’s work since I was a teenager, so getting to know and photograph Chris was a pleasure and a lot of fun.

If you aren’t already familiar with Chris’s work you can find out more about him at http://www.brookmyre.co.uk/

I might be bias but if you only read one of his books it should be “Quite Ugly One Morning” and if you like that ” A Big Boy Did It and Ran Away” and “The Sacred Art of Stealing” would be my next two recommendations.

The images are due to be displayed in Glasgow this year as part one of the “We Are” series of fine art portraits by Euan Anderson focusing on Scottish Culture and the personal effects of having a public image.

More information will be released on the project through the coming months. To sign up for updates email at contact@euanandersonphotography or follow on Facebook or Twitter.



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